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How not to be a money launderer

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How not to be a money launderer

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Perhaps we should rename today "Give Your MLRO/Compliance Officer a Hug Day"

Go on. Have a nice day !

Guy Fawkes Special: Bonfires, fireworks, sticky treacle toffee - and the revolutionary book that changed money laundering compliance into money laundering risk management - 17 years ago!

For 48 hours only starting on 5 November 2013, How Not To Be A Money Launderer is available in e-book format from Amazon.Com and Amazon.Co.UK in the "Countdown" format.

Starting with a discount of more than 80% on day one, the price increases until 48 hours later it's back to the full price of USD9.99/GBP6.99.

So, to get the book for as little as USD/GBP1.99 don't delay.

WMLR_vol_12_no_3_cover (86K)

Cross border Manipulation of Equity Markets

World Money Laundering Report continues its long tradition of saying the unsayable.

See www.worldmoneylaunde...

WMLR_vol_12_no_3_cover (86K)

Judge says Bitcoin is money

Peregrine's continued crash to earth

Levin's back on the trail of money launderers

Immigration controls to combat financial crime

Free download until 23 September 2013

WMLR_vol_12_no_3_cover (86K) Digital Dollars, Virtual Payments,
Real World Risk and Regulation.

The risks and regulation of Bitcoin
and other digital currencies.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill,
Head, The Anti Money Laundering Network

23 November 2011
London and Hong Kong.

How Not To Be A Money Launderer : Cover How Not To Be A Money Launderer, a straightforward guide to detecting and deterring fraud and money laundering in organisations has been reissued in paperback.

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