Welcome to Anti Money Laundering Training.

We provide specialist e-learning for the financial sector and other industries and professions which are required to take action to counter money laundering and to prevent terrorist financing.

We have produced training, face to face and e-learning, since the mid-1990s and we really, really know our stuff.

More than that, we explain it in ways that help law and regulation make sense.

We are part of The Anti Money Laundering Network which has provided high-level consultancy to financial institutions and other industries and professions since 1994. Our e-learning platform, Quick To Learn More, was developed in a unique tri-modular design and first published in 2002. It is a sister product to World Money Laundering Report and WhiteCollarCrimeCaseStudies.com and shares its research base with those publications.

We are also closely related to our sister company, The Financial Crime Forum, which presents high-level seminars.

Our e-learning platform takes users from beginner to intermediate levels through a foundation course, a country-specific legislation and regulation module and modules for individual market segments. For more advanced users, in-house face to face seminars are available via our founder, Nigel Morris-Cotterill at www.countermoneylaundering.com

We accept subscriptions for a minimum of ten users. For more information, please see www.quicktolearnmore.com.